It’s been 2 years since I last uploaded a video on youtube, what started out with my home being broken into and spiraled into 2 years of excuses and real world events that prevented me from following my once passion. A passion that I found at 19, watching strangers apply makeup on the internet, yet feeling so connected to these people over beauty and fashion. Years later, my small hobby and business slowed as I progressed in my new career, it falling to the wayside. When my home was broken into, I felt a sense of violation, a violation that left me with such anxiety and sadness that things I lost the energy to continue with my passions.

It hasn’t been all bad these last couple of years as my greatest accomplishment occurred 10 months ago when I married the love of my life, Blair.  A year after the break in, we had the best day of our lives, 7 years later after we met that fateful day in that college bar. Life was amazing, until the company I worked for for the last 4 years, the job that I loved oh so much, went bankrupt this Spring. I felt loss and afraid, I had worked so hard the last 7 years of my career to get where I was and in one day, it was taken away.

That is until I had the amazing opportunity to move 800 miles away to Texas, a far away land in a much bigger, and more intimidating city than the midwestern towns I had come to call home over these last several years. And how lucky am I to have a husband and family who believes in me and love me so unconditionally to support this new adventure.

So here I am, taking a risk, a leap. But why stop with my career, why not bring back my channel which I am still so proud of and still love to this day. These last couple of years I kept saying that I was going to get my channel back up, “one day, one day” until so much had happened and it got easier to keep putting it off. So here’s to the start of something new and living without regret. Living and loving each and every day. So I’ve changed my “handle” to just me. Nothing fancy or anything that rhymes or has to do with my favorite food, just Bonnie.

Get ready.

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  1. I’ve been following you for years; you were actually one of the first people I subscribed to on YouTube back in 2009. I’m excited for your comeback and wish you all the luck in the world. Welcome to Houston!

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