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8 Must Haves For Your Newborn

Before having Brooklyn, I researched and asked everyone I knew with a babe, what do I need? There were the familiar baby items that you saw on every list, but I wanted to know, what did I really need. I read on one blog post that you shouldn’t waste your money on newborn diapers and clothing, so I listened and started Brooklyn’s collection at 0-3 months.

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Thing is, come Brooklyn’s birthday, baby girl was a solid 8 lbs 9 ozs, but she was SWIMMING in her clothes. Thankfully the hospital had plenty of diaper for our stay, as well as I took literally everything in my room that wasn’t bolted down (per my Nurse’s suggestions). But Brooklyn had maybe a couple outfits that fit her, so off to Target I went, 4 days after giving birth. I thought, what else was I missing??

So this is my, absolute MUST HAVE recommended list for your newborn.

PAMPERS SWADDLERS DIAPERS. knew nothing about diapers and their differences, but received a variety of samples through my registries. Huggies, Pampers, Target Brand, and Honest. Out of all the ones Brooklyn tried, we loved our Pampers Swaddlers. They are soft, flexible, and have an obvious yellow line that changes colors when the diaper is dirty/wet. These were also what our hospital supplied. With Pampers, you can also get reward points with each purchase that you can redeem on future purchases and I’ll all about saving a dollar when I can.

Fun Fact: You can stock up on multiple boxes/sizes and just exchange sizes in case you need to size up. When I registered, I registered for multiple sizes as larger size diapers are more expensive with the cost per diaper.

AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT. I was so afraid of B getting diaper rash so we made sure we lathered this on her diaper area almost every time we changed her time, especially at bedtime when she potentially would be sleeping in a wet diaper.

Also, our little chunk got a little irritation/rash in her neck crease when she was a newborn, so we would keep her neck clean and hydrated with Aquaphor and it was magical every time.

COPPER PEARL BANDANA BIBS. Not only are these bibs available in the most ADORABLE prints, but they keep Babe so clean with the thick fleece backing. We keep one on Brooklyn basically at all times, for feedings, spit up and all the drool and these are seriously the best out of all the bibs we’ve tried. We honestly probably own 30+ of these puppies.

CLOUD ISLAND SLEEP N PLAY 3PK SET. I’m not going to lie, I was over the moon about having a little girl. All the adorable little outfits? I was ready for my little fashionista.

Fast forward to all the blow outs. All the spit up. Girlfriend didn’t need ANYTHING but these glorious pajamas. I would recommend a couple sets for each age. These sets from Target are perfect. They are made from 100% cotton so they are lightweight for sleeping. They have the cutest prints, I loved the gender neutral options like clouds and foxes. They have fold over mittens on the sleeve so you can flip them over so babe doesn’t scratch themselves. And the best part? The inverted zipper. You can change babe’s diaper that much easier that a regular zipper or buttons.

SLEEPEA 5-SECOND SWADDLE. I could not figure out how to swaddle using a swaddle blanket. Blair and I were taught in our birthing class, the nurses taught us when B was born, my veteran girlfriends taught me. I could not figure it out. And when Blair could do it, I was terrified that our little active sleeper would loosen the blanket up enough to suffocate. Brooklyn needed to be swaddled as she was a crazy active sleeper, still is. She would wake herself up with the newborn Moro Reflex, and slept so much better when cuddled or swaddled. .

Cue the easy swaddles! There is the SwaddleMe and the Halo SleepSack, both which worked for us. But nothing, I mean nothing, beats the Sleepea Swaddle. B’s arms were velcroed comfortably and then zipped up easily, it literally took just a few seconds for B to be nice and snug.

SNOO BASSINET We tried a few different things with babe for sleep. The napper in her Pack and Play. The popular Rock N Play my friends swore by. But B wouldn’t get more than a couple of hours and it was hit or miss if B would stay asleep when we finally put her down. My postpartum anxiety prevented me from sleeping as I was consistently worried about B being safe.

Enter the Snoo. It’s a magical, magical bassinet that safely rocks your baby through the night, playing white noise while your baby is strapped in safely with the SNOO SLEEP SACK I’m planning on writing a more in-depth review, but I am so glad we made the splurge. Not only did the Snoo ease my mind, but B slept through the night by week six.

BABY BOUNCER Where our Snoo Bassinet was perfect for safe sleep, our Rock N Play was a savior whenever we needed to set B down. There are multiple versions that either vibrate or rock back and forth, they are perfect for a supervised nap, or when you need your hands. B preferred the vibration over the rocking, but both were handy and we kept one on each level of the house, which made our lives that much easier!

And a last minute switch. In my video, I mention the Snuza Hero, which was amazing. it was a little device that would sound an alarm if Brooklyn were to stop breathing. For other parents nervous about safe sleep and the risk of SIDS, this greatly helped with my anxiety. After thinking about it, this wouldn’t be an absolute must have for everyone. If you have a safe bassinet/sleep space, then perhaps you wouldn’t need the Snuza Hero.

INSTEAD – NOSE FRIDAIt seems disgusting to suck the snot out of your baby, but it is AMAZING! Brooklyn has been congested a handful of times and the Nose Frida was SO much more efficient than the little bulb the hospital gave us. The snot got no where near your mouth and you could see just how much you were pulling out, and when the Nose Frida was no longer needed. Everything definitely needs this on hand!

What are some of your must have newborn items?

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